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Health , Safety & Environment:

  • El-Delta Implements a safety management system Comprising Proactive and effective incident preventation program including training, safety procedures , protective equipments , hazard communication , inspection and incentive schemes.
  • Safety information stations provide vital information regarding health precautions,safety rules and emergency assembly points.
  • As occupational health and safety issues are priorities at El-Delta , On - site medical clinic provides general health care , pre - employment and periodic medical examination as well as occupational health services.


  • El-Delta Fertilizers Co. , As one of the largest Nitrogen Fertilizers producers in EGYPT.
  • is adopting strict environment control by applying a continous integrating preventative environmental strategy to processes, products and services to increase co- efficiency and reduce risks for human and environment. It applies to:


1- Production processes: Concerning raw materials and energy , eliminating toxic raw materials and reducing the quantity and toxicity of all emissions and wastes.

2- Products:  Reducing negative impacts along life cycle of a product.

3- Services:  Incorporating environmental concerns into designing and delivering services.


  • El-Delta always devotes its resources to comply with the environmental legislation's regulations.
  • El-Delta spread the awareness of the urgency of current problems and the concept of a preventative strategy for cleaner production as a preffered solution to its employees , by providing them with adequate internal and external environmental training programs .
  • El-Delta has full understanding and interest to keep the environment clean.