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  • Ammonium nitrate 33.5% Nitrogen  chelated with zinc.
  • 33.5% nitrogen.
  • 0.15% calcium.
  • 0.35% magnesium.
  • 1000 c - M - M sulfur.
  • 0.05% Zinc.


Specification & Advantages:

  • Nitrogen fertilizer contains the secondary elements (calcium - magnesium - sulfur) and chelated with zinc.
  •  Nitrogen fertilizer rapid melting and rapid absorption by the plant.
  • Contains the main secondary elements (calcium - magnesium - sulfur) and of their vital roles, and preventive measures against fungal diseases.
  • Increase the vegetative growth and productivity.



  • Used with all types of all crops and vegetables and fruit.
  • Uses the cleared solution  fertilization through modern irrigation systems.
  • Used in fertilizing the ground for different types of crops, especially the new land.
  • Fertilization rates vary depending on the type and age of the crop.

And has been developed (Deltafert) and produced fertilizer (Senafert 1). Nitrate and phosphate fertilizer is loaded and chelated with sulfur, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus content of the offers Plant use it especially in the initial stages of growth.The composition of total radical as well as a strong push towards the plant. Flowering and the contract, which  increases production and gives the food supply of the plant as long as possible.

Application Rate:

  • for all types of field crops and Delta land and in the territory of the new land special plantations in afforestation.
  • the rate of fertilization accordingly subject to the type of crop, Age and irrigation method used.

Also been developed (Deltafert ) also produced a granular compound fertilizer (M S fert) . It is a potassium and  nitrate fertilizer where  it contains 30% nitrate nitrogen and 5% in the form of potassium sulfate.

The advantage of this compound that it contains the element potassium, which Accelerate assimilation velocity of proteins and works to install the flowers and increase the contract and enter into the composition and converting carbohydrates into sugars, especially in sugar crops and increase production.

Suitable for all field crops, horticultural and fertilization rate varies according to crop type, age, soil type and irrigation method.