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Ferti More NPK (5 – 3 – 43 + TE)

Specification & Advantages:

  • Potasic compound fertilizer, completely water soluble .
  • Made from pure high quality materials, containing all macro and micro elements in chelated from which are necessary for plant growth .
  • Free from harmful salts such as sclorides, sodium and its acidic effect.
  • Activate growth, hiding, fixing fruits .
  • Absorbed easily and gives quality to fruits concerning (size , colour , test).
  • Increase plant's resistance against diseases, frosting, aridity and raise strong efficiency.
  • Can be mixed with pestisides and easily handling.



  • Injected through modern irrigation sys, sprayed over leafs and on the ground of protected plants and ornamentals.
  • sprayed at 2-3 gm / liter for different crops.
  • Injected at 6-8 kg/feddan twice week.
  • Pivot irrigation at 2-3 kg/feddan once a week.