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NPK 5-7-20


  • Nitrogen N 5%
  • phosphorus P2O5 7%
  • potassium K2O (w/v) 20%.

Specification & Advantages:

  • Specific gravity 1.26 gm/cm3 – pH=7.7.
  • Containing high percent of potassium and balanced percent of nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Easy to be absorbed through roots and green shoot.
  • Act increasing heading and fixing fruits.
  • Increase plant resistance against diseases by strengthing walls of the plant's cells.
  • Resisting forst , ridity and increase efficiency of storing fruits.
  • Increase sugar percent in fruits crops sugarcane. Sugar beet and strawberry.
  • Increase percent of starch & protein in tubers crops.

Application Rate:

  • sprayed at 1-2 % according to the crop's type and age before heading.
  • Through modern irrigation system 4-5 liter/feddan according to crop's type and age.