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Pota El Delta


  • To achieve your productive goals, use this top of fertilizer Technology.



  • K2O 400 gm / liter – P2O5 190 gm / liter.

Specification & Advantages:

  • Containing high percent of potassium and phosphorus which increase heading, maturity, fixing fruits, treat symptoms deficiencies of P,K in the plant.
  • Increase plant's capability to resist salinity and temperature.
  • Resisting forts, ridity and increase efficiency of storing fruits.
  • Increase sugar percent in fruits crops sugarcane. Sugar beet and strawberry.
  • Improve fruits physical properties and increases storing, marketing durability of crops.
  • Free from harmful elements.


  • Can be used for all field crops, vegetables, fruits, aet.

Application Rate:

  • Sprayed at 1 liter / 600 liter water before heading and after maturing.
  • Through modern irrigation sys (Drip) 2-3 liter /feddan according to crop type.


  • Spraying should be in early morning after the lapse of the dew and fog or before sunset.
  • Validity 5 years.
  • Package 1-15-20 liter  .