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Potasid El Delta

High quality foliar fertilizer:

  • Compound ferti Rich in K, Mg – strengthing plant,treat symptoms of (K)deficiencies duplication yield and improve the quality.



  • potassium (K2O) 46% Magnesium (MgO) 2%.


Specification & Advantages:

  • useful during stage of forming the fruits. Reasonable for crops that need high potassium.
  • Activate growth of the root shot, decrease falling of fruits.
  • Containing (Mg) that helps forming chlorophyll increase size of fruits and productivity.
  • Increase plant's durability for storing.
  • Acidic effect free from harmful elements.

Application Rate:

  • for all field crops fruits , vegetable and ornamentals .
  • sprayed at 1-2 Kg/feddan from 2 to 3 times with3 weeks time interval between each two times according to crop type.
  • Though modern irrigation sys. According to the rates recommended to each crop.
  • Validity 5 years.
  • Package 20 kg.