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Chairman Talk

Has blessed the province of Dakahlia a lot of potential building land, Maintaining have a large area of the land of the Egyptian Delta and blessed branch branches of Nile to achieve the replacement of God's people in the most important branch of the building land is agriculture, there would have been a steady increase in the number of population, which requires increase the productivity of agricultural land, it will not be only by increasing the fertility of agricultural land ... In the governorate of Dakahlia no Delta Fertilizers to maintain pool between two of the most important elements of building and land are agriculture, industry, and keep our people in Dakahlia cooperation and hard and strive to maintain that infrastructure and development for future generations.

The Egyptians working in the Delta Company for Fertilizers epic continuous epic reconstruction of the ground, and Delta Company for Fertilizers, which faced difficult challenges since its inception and so far surpassed all the grace of God Almighty and adjust it until the line is the first production by the transfer of Suez-day war of attrition sovereign decision of the President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the second line is created by sovereign decision after the Camp David of the late President Anwar Sadat rightly regarded as a symbol of the strength of the will of this people and its leaders to achieve reconstruction of the ground and maintenance.

And Delta Company for Fertilizers operated for about 5000 workers factories and related services to support approximately twenty-five thousand people from the province to be considered truly a living example of models of reconstruction of the ground in Dakahliya.

And members of Delta Company for Fertilizers with their experience gained and who participated in the composition of many Egyptian factories companies such as resins Mansoura Sugar Company and Baklapsho company fertilizer in Assiut and the work of both maintenance for the fertilizer companies of Arab Syria, and Algeria to represent a model of pride for this great nation and set an example to follow.

When ensures Delta Company for Fertilizers building houses, schools, mosques and medical center developed extensor its services to all of the surrounding community and opening doors to training students of all educational institutions on the ground to maintain and opening her hands to cooperate with everyone and much, much more That conviction must be the performance of a distinct role to serve the people and society.  

Moreover, the products of Delta, which covers about 35% of Egypt's needs of fertilizers is very necessary for the agricultural land Egypt in order to ensure a living for our people so that our hands at a time when even import wheat represents the seriousness of following the trend of rich countries to use the surplus of agricultural crops in the production of fuel instead of exported to countries in need of it.

Since the company had carried out environmental projects costing nearly 200 million pounds since 1982 and so far and accomplished  finally working on updating and replacement of old lines and causing environmental pollution and depletion of energy, we hope that the company has the role please them ... The Company is with great thanks and gratitude to all those who have provided a helping hand, leaders of executive and popular and partisan and scientific.

May God protect the Egyptian land and people from plots of the plotters and envy and envy. May peace and God's mercy and blessings.

Chairman and Managing Director

Engineer / Nabil Mekawy