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Medical Care

Outpatient Medical Center and at the highest level which provides the company's employees all medical services integrated, including the exchange of treatment and medicines free of charge - and contains medical center more than fifty rooms and operations rooms in addition to the medical laboratory & X-RAY lab & clinics teeth & Clinic eyes - The center also offers services to employees in the company and third-party contractors without limits.

 The Medical Center Contains 4 Floors:

  • The Lower Floors Contain:
    • Urgent Room To Serve First aid Cases And E.C.G Room Ultrasound & Radiology Room , Clinical Laboratory Unit , Dental Clinic, Pharmacy.
    • Computer Room, Telephone Exchange Room.
  • Second Floor Contain:
    • (I.C.U) With Two Beds, One Monitor, One Neublizer Ventilator, gases center.
    • Endoscopic Room ,
    • Large operation Room contains one ventilator, electric apparatus instruments, Sterilizing oven, and Autoclave & Suction apparatus.
    • Small operator Room Contain one Ventilator, electric apertures for shock, suction apparatus & Surgical instruments,.
  • The second Floor Contain:
    • 10 beds Classified into 1st (2 beds) 2nd (4 beds) Degree Room & 4 Post – operative beds.
  • The Third Floor Contain:
    •   33 beds Classified Into 1St, 2 nd, 3 rd   Degree Rooms.
  • The Fourth Floor Contain:
    • 11 beds (1 St Super degree) The Total Numbers of beds on The Medical Center 56 Beds.
  • Physiotherapy Unit.
  • Ophthalmology Clinic:
    • The Medical Center Serve all Workers in The Company & Their Families.
    • The Medical Center Present Medical services for other Boards With economic prices.
    • The Medical Center Present Medical services for all people need medical care.