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• In the view of many intellectuals that the nitrogen fertilizer factories factories severe pollution of the environment and the developed world get rid of them and exported to developing countries that do not care about the environment. What is that true?


This is simply not true and the evidence that Egypt ranking No. 14 among industrialized countries for the production of ammonia do not exceed 1.6 of global production as the production volume of ammonia at the level of the world, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Resources is in the countries of China and India, Russia and the United Alaolayat, Ukraine, Canada, Germany respectively.



• The company raised by the stores to nine ammonium nitrate fertilizer more than 5000 tons and 60000 tons of urea and that these materials are of the explosion, leading to serious consequences for the surrounding areas in case of any danger. What is that true?


The plant produced ammonium nitrate fertilizer concentration of 33.5% urea fertilizers, urea concentration of 46.5% urea fertilizers, with reference to the safety sheets (material safety data sheet) at both the world it is clear that this material is not explosive and does not burn but decomposes heat.



• U.S. people around the factory that the factory Bakth Alqlatr of the night, leading to the emergence of a large cloud of pollutants in the atmosphere of the factory?


The fertilizer plants are different from cement plants, there is no filters, but is dealing with pollution at the source where they are to benefit from the gases to return her to the production process, leading to increased economic return. But what passers-by noticed a large cloud on the factory That output of water vapor as a result of massive cooling water for industrial processes, the plant until it is re-use water cooling instead of being dumped into waterways either reason not to see the steam clock That is the result of cold weather at night and this steam temperature higher than the air temperature and condensation Vtbdavy such as what is happening in exhaled air in the winter.



• Some newspapers that give rise to ammonia, which stems from the plant at times cause many diseases to residents of surrounding areas such as disease, kidney failure, hepatitis, and cancers. What is the truth of this speech?



This talk is not unfounded, so that the ammonia found naturally in the body of the guestbook entries yet Aaz launched during the metabolic process and dispose of rights by the liver with the observation that the body that the largest U.S. scientific body (the registration of toxic substances and diseases - Department of Public Health ) and in association with the World Health Organization published a book every 4 years, particularly ammonia contains more than 800 reference and confirms that the ammonia non-carcinogenic and do not cause cancer, and not related to kidney or liver disease.



• Raises many of the newspapers that the plant is causing contamination of large areas surrounding the oxides of nitrogen. What is that true?


This story is a lesson in scientific method and not the sender of speech in this scientific The curriculum must be based on measurements of concentration of this gas in the surrounding areas and were in the town of Mansura monitoring stations belonging to the Ministry of Environment have the highest preservation of any building under the direction of the wind for the plant Fbalrjua measurements that the station is clear that the atmosphere of the purest Mansoura regions of the Republic, although there is a plant fertilizer and why you find that the concentration of gas in the areas of Greater Cairo, as was supposed to weaken the existing gas in that these stems more from vehicle exhausts.