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Social Responsibility

The concept of corporate social responsibility

To start  businesses on their own from the inside by ensuring safe working conditions for workers and author of programs for their care and care for their families , as well as on companies that serve the labor and environmental laws and taxes and to maintain the interest of customers and not engage in corrupt practices or corruption of any kind, comes after the role of charities and voluntary and donations, which must be accepted by the community only if issued by the companies to respect their employees, customers and respect the community in which they operate and even to companies that require their suppliers and distributors the same standards that adhere to and useful in this regard the commitment of companies with international treaties such as the Agreement World.
And the belief of our company as an integral part of the surrounding community has placed in the heart of its policy of preserving the environment where it is a religious duty and moral before they have a legal obligation, the company executed a series of environmental projects costing nearly 200 million pounds since 1983 until now.

As well as their role to participate in solving the problems of the surrounding community and to activate it, it has developed a competent management company to perform these services and examples of it took the company the following:

  • contributions to the services Dakahlia province $ 8 million pounds for drinking and sanitation projects.
  • Donation ores and civil works and engineering in the work of a new vegetable market and developer of the city Talkha cost almost half a million pounds.
  • donate all the electricity board will consequently Talkha Central Hospital (rather than damaged by the fire and brought to a halt the entire hospital services) and the work of all the required connections at a cost of almost 300 thousand pounds.
  • In addition, social services carried out by the company regardless of the environment surrounding the way back to the factories to serve the citizens a value of about 700 thousand pounds and the school is equipped with the processing needs of all health units Mit Antar.