• EL-Delta has a Research & Development Center Titled as the Egyptian Fertilizer Development Center EFDC.


  • The EFDC- project Document was signed on July 17th 1988 between the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and (UNDP) contract  NO.DP/EGY/85/1008 to share increasing food production through improving single (N,P)fertilizers currently produced in Egypt, making studies and experimental assessment on the newly developed NPK+ fertilizers to support investment decision to establish at least one commercial scale plant to produce complex fertilizers using the 1 mtph pilot plant and the highly equipped physical and chemical laboratories available at EFDC.


  • EFDC - sustains big Egyptian farms by making soil and water analysis, supply the appropriate NPK+ in solid form and liquid Complex fertilizers which are mainly used for fustigation system, Drip, Pivot, Sprinklers.


  • As micro nutrient element (Fe, zn, mn, B, cu…) have been found to be of crucial importance, EFDC is working towards enriching most of the fertilizers products with the suitable micronutrient elements.


  • EFDS - play an increasing role in the field of information exchange hosting meetings, seminars, Conferences and Human Resources Development Programs related to fertilizers.


  • EFDC-prepare feasibility studies for new fertilizer projects.


  • EFDC- is an effective member in both.

1- International Fertilizer Association (IFA)

2- Arab Fertilizers Association (AFA)


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