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Replacement Project and The Renovation Unit of The Production of Ammonia (Front Part)

     Implementation steps are being taken for set up this new unit in Talkha1
• will came implementing entity: the German company Uhde
• Project period: 29 months from the beginning of fixtures
• investment costs: $ 351.6 million
• Sources of funding: 40% self-financing and 60% borrow from banks
Indicators of the feasibility of the project:
 * The feasibility study stage:
- The date of completion of study 18/9/2011
- The Company's Board of Directors and Board approval 27/09/2011
- The Holding Company and the approval of the Council 9/10/2011
- Start date subtraction procedures 6/12/2009
- Preparation of technical specifications 22/2/2010
- Tender Date 27/3/2010
- The date of receipt of offers 27/5/2010
- The completion of the study performances 5/12/2011
- The completion of a study of the financial proposals 27/03/2012
- The date of the decision and attribution 29/03/2012