Social Services

  • Residential city: Factories attached to an integrated facilities and services resides with about 500 families in return for use of symbolic.
  • Primary and lower secondary school: for the worker’s children and non-worker.
  • Nursery and preschool: services are available to the children of workers and non-working factory and can accommodate up to 100 kindergarten children starting from infancy and preschool with games and music rooms and working on memorizing the Holy Quran.

Site Nursery: Residential City of Delta Company For Fertilizers Chemical.

 The established of nursery: Nursery Was established in 14/11/1978 The Number of 36 children of the sons of the company's and while much larger of children the number of classes have been limited to children grown up overdue they agreed to bring their children the administration to accept the children belonging from other companies .

Distribution of Classes:

1-     (2) Room for infants less than two years.

2-     (2) Room from the age of two years to three years.

3-     (5) Room from the age of (3) years to (5) years.

4-     Large green garden games as entertainment and a variety of swings Space per room 4 * 5 mt.

- Capacity of the infant room a child 10: 15

- Capacity room adult child 15: 25 in addition the administration room & library & room doctor & different activities & reception room.


Objectives of the nursery:

1-     Child care squid & health care & development of their talents and abilities and prepare them religiously & culturally and psychologically to create a sound primary education in line with the objectives of the community and religious values.

2-     Aware ness among families of children for upbringing a sound.

3-     Strengthen links between the nursery and children's families.

4-     Is playing in the life of child from nursery where the main tasks that the idea of teaching children through play by world & educational Fredric fordable valab the highest ranking for child growth.

5-     Formation of habits and values of the child.

6-     Development and love of beauty care withe flowers in the country on the park.

7-    Hobbies investment in children and stimulate their abilities in drawing and coloring.

Contact us: 050/2524505 -   1326


  • Super Market and a Bakery
  • Muslim Compound: This contains the big mosque &occasion’s hall.
  •  Insurance fund: a private company's employees supported by the company money to save for disposal at the end of the service, together with their state pension schemes and compensation, or in case of death and disability.
  • Transport Network and Movement:

 Provides the transport sector and the movement of many of the services of staff and various transportation services within the company (Linking the residential city of Mansoura Transport the workers from their resident places to the factories) and also working outside this sector the maintenance services of cars by working and providing convenience for the vehicles to operate efficiently, which comprises many of the vehicles of different types and sizes, which, among them the following: -


The sector also contains many types of vehicles which will help in-house maintenance operations of the plant from trucks to load up (150 tons) and Clark at and vehicles to fire engines and welding.

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