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Practical experience to cope with a fire crisis at the composting plant in Delta CO

Dakahlia Governorate carried out practical experience to cope with crises fires in factories, including fertilizer plant Talkha


This came in implementation of the directives Sherif Ismail, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, upgrading the system to manage national crises and disasters at the level of governorates of Egypt, under the care and supervision of the accountant Hossam El Din Imam Dakahlia governor


 Were conducted demonstration to experience the face of a crisis (fire) plant fertilizer Talkha,


attended statement Brigade on Hareedy prime crises and disasters of the Cabinet sector, and Maj.


Gen. Asim Hamza Dakahlia security chief, Abdul Rahman Shahawy assistant secretary for the sector south of Dakahlia deputy governor,


and Major General Ahmed Deeb assistant secretary for the northern district, and Major General Ahmed Raafat from the central region,

and Ibrahim Ayad, director of crisis and disaster management to maintain, Engineer Nabil Mekkawy chairman fertilizer company Talkha


And threw a brigade Hareedy speech during which he stressed that the issue of disaster and preparation requires awareness of the


dimensions of the disaster and its causes and consequences, and how to address them, speed and decisiveness in decision-making, and we thank the governor for his concern of this vital issue, and all the officials of the executive body and the

security to maintain, praising what a touch of readiness and high level of training.



Demonstration program included at the composting Talkha company how to confrontation and to address the crisis and the catastrophic fire, with the participation of all the security devices (PSD - Civil Protection Department - Traffic Management - Rescue operations room), executive bodies (health - Red Crescent-ambulance),


also participated in the presence of The statement of non-governmental organizations and NGOs, as well as those supported (the electricity company - sanitation and drinking-water company Etisalat Egypt)


Maj. Gen. Asim Hamza, Dakahlia security chief, in his speech that the implementation of this program aims to train and develop the work of crises and disasters the team at the county level to reach the highest practical level to reduce the risk of possible preservation crises, which are aimed at maintaining the capabilities and properties of the homeland and citizens, referring to the provision of conservative all aspects of support and cooperation for the success of the program in the governorate