Company ProFile

Company Name:

  • The Company founded on February 1999 emanations from El-Nasr company for Fertilizer and chemical Industries (Suez / Talkha), which had been established  in 1946. Now The Company named EL DELTA COMPANY FOR FERTILIZERS AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ASMEDA).

  • The Company exists on the Demiatta Nile branch at about 120 km from Cairo.

The Company Plants are:

  • TALKHA (I):

was transplanted to its existed site after the 1967 war and was commissioned and startup in 1975, it produces Ammonium Nitrate 33.5% N.


is a newer fertilizer train commissioned and starts in 1980,its produces prilled urea 46.5%N.(1725 ton/day). 


commissioned and started in May 2000, It produces 17.7 Mw/Hr; It's overall thermal cycle efficiency is 85.4%; Kwatt production cost is 0.032 L.E. ; And the Saved energy price /Year according to the last price is 34.3 MM. L.E.


for producing heavy duty polyethylene bags from LDP& LLDP with a capacity of 33 Million bags/Year.

The legal form of company:

Joint stock company in Egypt - a Chemical Industries (LLC. M. S. M),  denoted by the symbol (u.T. M. M).

The authorized capital:

200 million pounds.

Paid-Up Capital:

130 million pounds.

Company activities:

Chemical industry and in particular chemical fertilizers and chemicals associated with or derived from or for the industry as well as direct all operations related to the particular purpose or brokerage said. And have the right to buy and sell and carry out import and export business and commercial agencies on behalf of another and represents foreign companies.

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