1946:  Company was established by royal decree in August 1949 publication of the facts of Egyptian Annex No. 88 issued on 5/9/1946 with a capital of four million pounds, for the production of nitrogen fertilizers from New oil refineries, and limestone.

1961:  Nationalized Company partly 20/7/1961 under Act 119 of 1961 and then devolved to the entire state of 8/8/1963 under Presidential Decree No. 72 of 1963.

1964:   The Company contracted to construct a plant fertilizer ammonium nitrate lime 26, 5% card 380 thousand tons annually, and tests began operating in early 1967, as a result of the aggression in 1967 and then partially factories stopped completely in 1968.

1970:   Talkha location was chosen to re-establish plant ammonium nitrate 26, 5 nitrogen.

1974:   Been contracted to set up a factory for the production of urea 46,5%, and started production in October 1980 was also set with a factory to produce plastic raw polyethylene to produce bags for the mobilization of all fertilizers has started production in late 1979.

1975:  In August, appeared to produce ammonium nitrate fertilizer 26, 5% - in June 1976 have been converted to 31% of manure nitrogen - In March 1988 there has been shifting production to 33, 5% nitrogen.

1992:   Been contracted to set up a unit to produce Methanol capacity of 100 tons / day instead of a solution of copper pollution of the environment in Talkha (1).

1994:   Has been modified basket catalyst for ammonia solution Talkha (2) of the AXIAL FLOW RADIAL FLOW.

1996:   Been contracted to create a co-generation Talkha (2) to generate around 17, 3 MW / hour.

1997:   Pans have been modified to the type of urea reactors newer and more efficient.

1999:   Were separated and named the Delta Company for Fertilizers and Chemical Industries is licensed with a capital of  hundred million pounds, and select the company's issued capital of $ 44 million.

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